The One Word That Will Make Or Break Your Advertising Results

The One Word That Will Make Or Break Your Advertising Results

When advertising in any media, there’s one thing many advertisers overlook. Let’s take a minute and address the mindset you must obtain before you jump in and start creating Facebook ad campaigns, Google ad sets, or any form of online and offline communication.

So, what is that mindset?

Your mindset should be to create targeted, quality, engagement instead of aiming for untargeted mass exposure. For instance, when advertising on Facebook, it’s not about how many likes you can get to your Facebook page; it’s about how many likes you can convert into fans that get to Know, Like, and Trust you. Once you do that, you’ve increased positive engagement and should be able to increase your sales conversions in the long term. Just getting random people to like your page will result in very little engagement, low interactions, and low relevance score from Facebook when advertising on their network.

So, how do you do this? You simply need to start with the end in mind.

  • What is your overall objective?
  • What is your end goal?
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Do you want to sell something, generate leads, introduce your products or services, etc?
  • Do you simply want to grow a list for future use?
  • Do you want to create a tribe that will follow you for future engagement?

Once you know your objective, you’ll have a better understanding of the type of individual you want to address.

  • Find out what keeps them up at night? (Problems, wants, needs, pains, worries)
  • What do they look like? (Age, gender, ethnicity, relationship status, etc.)
  • What are their likes?
  • What are their dislikes?
  • What are their struggles?
  • What do they strive for?
  • What are their beliefs?

Once you understand that your target audience is a living, breathing person with needs, you will be able to create content that allows you to reach them, engage with them, and have them feel as part of your community.

Social Media Marketing, just as any other type of advertising media on or offline, needs to be addressed with the right mindset. Create this mindset and you’ll reach your objective faster, easier and have much more fun doing it.

Edison Guzman is a marketing expert that shows business owners how to attract, convert and keep more customers so that they can grow their business. This article is part of a presentation delivered to business owners nationwide. It is also the steps taken when delivering services to clients. Everything taught has been implemented, tested, tracked and tweaked for best results. Learn more at

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